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Hi! My name is ReShanda


I am a certified postpartum doula, breastfeeding support and postnatal care provider. I provide emotional, physical, and informational support to individuals and families throughout their pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum phase. I like to use a holistic approach using the natural rhythm and flows of a persons lifestyle to make this transition flow with ease

I offer a wide range of services, including education, advocacy, comfort measures, and guidance to help ensure a positive and smooth transition into parenthood and beyond.

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as a postpartum doula, my focus is on the entire family to be happy, healthy and whole.

I want to help families feel comfortable, nourished, relaxed and appreciated; to help facilitate a peaceful transition for parents and child in those most hectic first days and weeks after birth.

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Lactation in it’s self is a journey of a lifetime. Without the proper support it can be difficult task to tackle alone. Allow me to assist you with this very important portion of your motherhood journey.

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You realize so many things need to be done and you don’t have the time, energy or hands to do it all. Let me assist you and making life easier for you and your family by setting doable expectations for what to expect.

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Virtual Call

During our first conversation, we will establish exactly where you are in your pregnancy and what support you might need once baby arrives.

From that, I will prepare a draft of my services that you will be able to approve.


You will receive a draft of our contract that will detail the exact services you will receive, payment schedule, and all of the important information.

Let's do it!

Now that we have all of the important things in one place we can start working together and get you prepared for your new arrival or any other support you might need.


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Package 01

lactation and first days

It’s not called liquid gold for nothing. Breastfeeding is an amazing thing for both mama and baby but it does require work. Let me help with learning the delicate dance of finding the rhythm for you and your baby. Once over the the initial hurdles of breastfeeding it can be a beautiful bonding experience that you will never forget.

3hrs of breastfeeding basics before baby arrives

On-call phone or virtual 24/7 breastfeeding support

2hr daily visist for 5 days to assist with feeding and latch

benefits include

  • lower risk of postpartum deprssion
  • more likely to have a higher milk supply
  • you have a higher rate for a successful breastfeeding journey

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Package 02

postpartum support

Let me assist you with your new normal of a new addition to the family. No matter if this is your first child or your third, help is always necessary. Every family has different needs and customization is done for every family based on those needs.

holistic early infant care education

breastfeeding support and education

light housekeeping, laundry, dishes etc.

sibling assistance

postpartum depression care plan

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Additional support

if you need support in just a few areas without getting a full package these additional support items can help.

3hr-lactation support and educational visit

self-guided infant sleep schedules

infant sleep consultant services

date nights 3hrs

prices vary

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ReShanda has been a huge support during my postpartum journey. She helped greatly with tips on how to breastfeed more effectively and was very knowledgeable about the proper nutrition needed to maintain a healthy milk supply, sleep train, along with all the to-do’s in order to keep baby on track for hitting milestones. Her gentle and calming nature helped ease all anxieties in order to get through my first year of motherhood. I’m so grateful she has been apart of my journey.

Simply the best!


Kind words

African American Family

Following the birth of my second child ReShanda has been a godsend. She cooked meals, helped me with the transition from one child to two, helped me organize and put in place a routine that made a world of difference. Her calm demeanor, experience and professionalism carried me through when my daughter wasn't gaining weight as her pediatrician would have liked. She has a wealth of knowledge and was on hand day and night offering support, advice and encouragement. ReShanda was just what we needed. I'll always be extremely grateful for her and so thankful that she came into our lives. We highly recommend choosing her to help in whatever capacity you might need. ReShanda does it all!!


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Reshanda is an absolute gift from above. She came to help me at a time when I felt so alone and at a loss. She came to my rescue when I was in need. She took initiative and action with confidence but also listened and adapted when directed without questions asked. Reshanda is incredible with kids and is a natural. I felt safe with her and knew I could leave the house and my baby was safe, happy, loved, and cared for. As an anxious first time mom, she made me feel at ease. She is friendly, trustworthy, and easy to get to know. She also does not stop! When my baby was napping, she took action around the house without asking and could always find something to do to make my life easier. It is very evident that Reshanda knows what she is doing and knows that she is great at it. Her sense of confidence enabled me to feel at ease and comfortable. Do not think twice about inviting Reshanda into your home as she will make your life and day easier and brighter ! She has become more than a doula but an incredible friend.


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